About Us

Welcome to the home of InControl Nation! If you're interested in interacting with some of our staff, check this out and learn more about them!


  • Tyler Kryger

    OWNER  /  Chief Executive Officer

    Tyler Kryger, The Chief Executive Officer of InControl Nation, is a prestigious leader with professional experience in marketing & sales with prior esports experience in reputable brands. Tyler carries a pristine ability to recognize exceptional talent & great personalities to better represent our message to our fans & supporters. Now managing a prestigious brand, Tyler’s role as CEO involves implementing the setting of InControl, negotiating the many business deals with other companies/partners & managing top level structure of the organization.

  • Rob Ainsworth

    Chief Operations Officer

    Rob Ainsworth, Chief Operations Officer of InControl Nation, has a great deal of past experience in various roles across esports. He started out in the community as a designer and eventually social media manager before making the decision to move to a higher qualified position. Outside of the organization, Rob enjoys spending a fair amount of time playing video games, hanging out with friends and family and partaking in the occasionally stream on Twitch. Rob looks forward to working alongside all of the management staff of InControl Nation in order to drive the change shared by the companies vision for the future. Having spent 5+ years with InControl Nation there is no other place he would rather be.

  • Jorge Klericz


    Jorge Vazquez, Co-Owner of InControl Nation has years of experience in the esports world. From player, to a coach, to a manger turned owner, Jorge has done it all. He brings a lot of knowledge to the table with the many years being involved in the scene as well as the multiple esports titles he’s been involved in, most notably the FGC including Rivals of Aether.

  • Malachi

    Esports Adviser  /  Talent Acquisition

    This is Malachi, coming at you. I live in a one stoplight town with big heart. If you blink, you might miss it. But there is no doubt that being from a small town fed my drive when it comes to dealing with people. It is that drive that pushed me to join InControl Nation and help them grow the business as an Esports Adviser.

    What most people don’t know about me is that I have Cerebral Palsy. However, I’m not the picture that just flashed in your mind as you read those words. I am one the lucky ones who have a very mild case of it. It effects my daily life very little. Yet, it is this struggle that threw me into the gaming industry at a young age. I couldn’t run the bases at the field or score the winning touchdown, but I could majorly kick your butt in Halo! This passion for gaming went from just playing the game to being more involved behind the scenes...and eventually led me to where I am today.

    The small town big heart comes into play in almost all aspects of my life. Whether it’s advising the teams or dealing with my “real job”. When I’m not online, you can almost always find me at our local emergency room, caring for people struggling with mental illnesses. Believe me that is pretty interesting!

    I have heart for the game. I have heart for people. This is what makes the industry what it has grown into and I am lucky to be a part of it.